Trainer Certification

Certifying your internal trainers might be the most cost-effective way to achieve a rapid and consistent level of quality presentation skills throughout your company.

Certification training is led personally by Ruben Hernandez – director of the International Presentation Academy and developer of the Intensive Iterative Method® for Presentations. Mr. Hernandez is a qualified trainer of other trainers who has a very high level of competence in developing others in using his methods across various industries/ companies/ professions and in different cultures around the world.

The International Presentation Academy Certification Process

1. Certification Application: International Presentation Certification candidates must first apply for certification and provide proof of professional training experience. Upon acceptance of your application we will send you an agreement to be signed and returned prior to initiating certification.

2. Days 1 - 2: Experience the course as a participant. This model allows those certifying to experience the actual two-day training course and to observe the training as delivered by Mr. Hernandez.

3. Days 3 - 4: Trainer Certification

  • Presentation Training using the Intensive Iterative Method is covered in much greater detail – with participants getting hands-on practice in training and giving feedback.
  • Participants receive immediate constructive feedback and are asked to provide feedback to others.
  • Certification is granted upon demonstrated capabilities in 7 key areas.
Certification Fees

Fees includes the training delivered by Mr. Hernandez, instructor manuals, and other materials required for certification.

1 trainer:  $5,750 certification fee, plus manuals
2 trainers: $10,900 certification fees, plus manuals
3 trainers: $15,300 certification fees, plus manuals

International Presentation Acadamy Royalties

Manuals: You will be required to purchase the IP Academy’s seminar manuals when holding an in-house seminar held by our certified trainers and using the Intensive Iterative Method®. Please call for manual pricing.